Businesses set to gain easier access to fibre optic broadband

The government is set to make it easier for businesses to gain access to fibre optic broadband by providing a £60 million tax boost for the digital sector. Fibre optic broadband is far superior in terms of connection speed and several other factors, but at the moment, fibre optic connections are relatively rare, and have…

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UK businesses to face data roaming charges post Brexit?

When data roaming charges are abolished this June, EU citizens will no longer pay additional charges to make calls, text and surf in any member nation. UK consumers and SMEs have already seen their roaming charge spend reduced from an estimated £350m a year after the EU introduced a 75% reduction in the costs of…

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Europe agrees to regulate wholesale roaming charges

EU roaming charges for those who use their mobiles abroad are set to end after a deal was struck in the European Parliament. The capping of the wholesale charges paid to each other by telecoms operators is one of the final pieces of legislation aimed at ending roaming fees, allowing businessmen and holidaymakers to use…

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