What are the major parties promising when it comes to broadband?

The General Election is a few weeks away and both the Conservatives and Labour have released their manifestos in a bid to win over the British public. Telecommunications are both mentioned, with both parties appearing to recognise the importance of investing in infrastructure that will help businesses grow in the digital age. Prime Minister Theresa…

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Evolving business telephony (VoIP) through the Internet

The sophistication of broadband provision, mobile telephony, business internet and software developments means that it is easier than ever to be an independent product producer or service provider for business telephony. With the freedom and autonomy to work for oneself the internet provides, you can obtain a satisfactory work/life balance while consistently earning a good…

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Is your telephony system driving your business performance?

Data it seems makes the world go round, certainly the business world, and the fact is your telephone could unlock vital performance statistics that may help drive your business strategy. The question is – are you getting the best out of your telephony system for your business? Unless you’re using a cloud based system, the…

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