Does your business need a fibre leased line?

Whilst a reliable internet connection is attractive to consumers, it’s absolutely vital for businesses. In addition to attracting clients and customers online, most businesses rely on the internet in order to operate efficiently. In-house communication, for example, is generally carried out via email. Similarly, payroll systems and staff management are often dealt with using IT…

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Don’t let technology overshadow business basics

Technology means businesses can run cleaner and leaner – processes can be automated and time can be saved, and control and measurement is achieved throughout the customer experience. What is wrong with that? Well nothing really, apart from when technology is running your business, instead of you doing it. Modern machinery, software and data analytics…

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Tips for strengthening your BYOD mobile application management strategy

The rise of the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) phenomenon means that consumer apps in the workplace have now become the norm for many organisations. However, if you don’t implement robust mobile application management strategies, BYOD could present a very real threat to your business’s security. Keep apps consistent Rather than allowing users to download…

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