iPECS ONE – The next generation of PC and Mobile based communication.

iPECS ONE is the next generation of mobile and & PC-based voice and video communications. PC users and IT managers no longer need to download applications and manage software releases with iPECS ONE on PCs. iPECS ONE is built on WebRTC, allowing PC-based users to setup voice, video and chat sessions quickly and easily from…

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With hospitality returning soon, now is the time to grow your business

Growth software for your hospitality business, fuelled by smarter marketing. Get to know your customers. Like, really know them. A staggering 61% of hospitality businesses say their biggest challenge is generating customer data. That’s why our smarter marketing starts with finding out as much information as possible about your customers. You see, your guest WiFi…

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BT have stopped selling traditional business phone lines

It may be the UK’s best kept secret with the Global Coronavirus pandemic, Brexit impact, Megxit fallout and the future of work consuming all the air time and social media channels, but another revolution is quietly happening in the UK telecoms industry … The closure of the PSTN networks and the transition to all-VoIP networks…

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