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What advantages does VOIP offer business?

If you’re running a business with more than one phone line, it’s quite likely that you’re using a traditional PBX (Private Branch eXchange) phone system, connected via ISDN. It’s a bit like having your own mini telephone exchange in your building. These sorts of systems have been popular since the earliest forms of them were introduced in the United States in the late 1930s.

Of course, that was more than 80 years ago, and technology has come on quite a way in that time. We’ve seen the introduction of the internet, which really has changed the way we communicate, and now businesses can take advantage of not just email and Skype, but VOIP as well. If you’re not already on a VOIP system, you’ll probably be surprised at how easy it is to make the transition, and how much cheaper than traditional ISDN based systems it actually works out. RHM Telecom are enthusiastic about the benefits which VOIP can offer business customers, and we’ve got a few different options which we can offer – have a look at our website if you’d like more information.

Still not sure about VOIP? We’ve compiled a list of some of the top reasons to go for it.

1. Call forwarding, wherever you are

If you’re not desk based, or out of the office, set up your VOIP system with a list of alternative numbers. That way, if your desk phone isn’t answered on the third ring, the VOIP system automatically transfers to ringing your mobile, and if that’s not answered after a couple of rings, your home phone. Still no answer? Tell your VOIP system to transfer to voicemail by the seventh ring. It’s as customisable as you need it.

2. Keep track of your data

Much like internet data, VOIP data can be studied. This way, you can see which parts of your business are making the most of your VOIP system. Check out your inbound and outgoing calls, costs and history whenever you like on the cloud.

3. Caller information

A customer is sure to appreciate it if you’re ready to speak to them as soon as you answer the phone. A VOIP system will show you the number of inbound callers, allowing staff to call up the customer information straight away, or redirect the call to the relevant department.

4. Quiet time

If you’re in a meeting, you won’t want to be interrupted. Set your VOIP to “Do not disturb” and have any incoming calls redirected to your assistant or voicemail, or simply mute them.

5. Integration with security systems

Many door entry systems can now be linked to VOIP systems, allowing you to see who’s at the door, and whether you want to let them in. Say goodbye cold callers, and hello to welcome customers.

6. Transcription services

A voice transcription service can be attached to your voice system, turning the spoken word into a written document. No more worrying about trying to remember client names or phone numbers – the record has been created for you. File it away at your own convenience.

7. Training assistance

VOIP lets you take part in other people’s calls, which is great for training or coaching. The person at the other end doesn’t need to know you’re sharing the call – you can listen in and speak up, or just share information with your employee over their headset without the caller knowing.

8. No more awful muzak

Hold music is not known for its enjoyability. Even worse is silence, or simple ringing as you transfer a call. Programme your VOIP system with hold music which you know they’ll enjoy, or your own recorded message.

At RHM Telecom, we’re all set to get you started on your VOIP journey, and we can get you up and running with ease. Why not give us a call today, and find out more about how our VOIP systems can bring your business up to date, and costs down to earth?

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