RHM Energy Consultancy

RHM Energy are transforming energy procurement for businesses across the UK. We offer a suite of services that go beyond traditional energy consulting. From helping to reduce costs and driving efficiencies, to minimising carbon footprints; RHM will make sure that you get the best value out of your energy contracts.

As one of the UK’s leading technology providers, companies ranging in size from small businesses up to large corporations trust us with all their energy needs. Our team takes care of all aspects involved with contract acquisition so you don’t have to. Let RHM manage everything from start to finish, including liaising with suppliers both old and new.


To help you reduce business costs and become more energy-efficient, we will be there to assist you with switching to a new contract.


By focusing on our customers, we will collaborate with you to analyse your electricity consumption and help you save money on upcoming agreements.


We will offer support to you throughout the entire lifecycle of an account, beginning with initial consultation, through our customer-focused consultancy approach.

Your Energy Partner

We understand the importance of finding a customised solution specific to every organisation. With our comprehensive knowledge in energy and technology combined with a customer-oriented approach, we are capable of building lasting relationships with every individual business. Every one of our services is designed to provide customers with great value while helping them achieve their green goals efficiently reducing their carbon footprint.

Our team continues to deliver outstanding results through each stage including the initial consultation, signing of contracts and ongoing account management ensuring that you get the best deals when it comes to your energy contracts and supplies. We strive to develop trust between us and all of our customers allowing us both for a successful working relationship for years to come.

How we monitor the market

The energy market has been on the rise in recent years, resulting in commercial customers facing dramatic price increases. Wholesale prices, currency exchange rates and government taxes are all contributing to the heightened prices of energy.

At RHM Energy, we strive to stay ahead of the changing market trends. We monitor shifts in the industry, allowing us to guide our clients towards making smart decisions when purchasing energy at an advantageous rate. It is no small feat trying to predict the ebbs and flows of this highly fluctuating sector – but with us by their side, our clients can be confident that they will always get the best value for their money.

We do this through our innovative live portals, that connects with 23 of the top UK energy providers and continually tracks the movement of the market. To get started, simply send us a recent energy bill, we’ll load it on the portal to give you a clear view of where savings could be made. We’ll regularly update you on market changes and then send a final proposal 3 months before the end of your current contract.

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