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RHM are helping businesses secure their properties all around the UK. We work with reputable, UK-based suppliers to provide high quality IP CCTV solutions for businesses. Since our suppliers are based in Britain, we can offer faster deployments and more responsive maintenance. This gives you the peace of mind you need, knowing your site is secure and in good hands.

True peace of mind using modern technology

Every business needs protection from crime. CCTV can both deter potential criminals, and help to detect and identify them in the event of vandalism, burglary or any other crime on your property. But traditional CCTV didn’t always live up to its promise. Footage could be grainy, and configuration was a tedious manual process. Our IP solutions are a huge upgrade on that, offering high-quality footage with a range of camera options including night vision. And because it’s internet-based, footage is automatically stored on the cloud. That also allows you to view it in real time from anywhere, so you can respond to incidents faster.

Why speak to us?

Quite simply, we are experts in business technology, cabling and network management. Your IP CCTV system is part of your network, so optimising it takes more than just flicking an on switch. Whatever the size of your business, and whatever environment you’re in, we have the skills to ensure that your CCTV is properly set up.


Clients work with us because they know that from start to finish, they speak to real people with real knowledge. We offer straightforward, easy to understand service and work as an extension of your team to provide a personalised service. Whether you require one camera or a more complex deployment, we can support your business’s needs.

Features of Network IP CCTV

Network IP CCTV has many advantages compared to analogue systems. The features that our IP CCTV solutions provide are:

  • Simple installation
  • The latest advances in high resolution
  • AI enabled
  • Cutting edge storage
  • Analytics and resolution options.

Benefits of Network IP CCTV

Our Network IP CCTV solutions provide the following benefits to businesses:

  • Peace of mind from wherever you are – using Wi-Fi, you can receive notifications and alerts so you know if an alert is triggered even if you’re not on site.
  • Reliability – this innovative and modern solution is more reliable than older systems which require more maintenance.
  • Cost effective – Network IP CCTV can record vast amounts of footage, which saves money not having to employ someone to watch live footage.
  • Remote monitoring – this allows you to check cameras from wherever you are, which is excellent for people who travel or work between sites.
  • Business is secured quickly – simple installation, means the CCTV is up and running quickly, securing your businesses faster.
  • Scalable and flexible – IP CCTV is simple to scale up or down, just adding additional cameras as you need them.
  • Improved image quality – IP CCTV has higher quality resolution than analogue, faces can be zoomed in on clearly, helping to identify individuals when necessary.


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