Solutions for Large Business

What is important to me?

I expect to get a tailored package

Our wide range of wholesale suppliers enable us to build a bespoke solution for our large clients at a bespoke price. We find the big carriers often don’t have that flexibility and the small resellers simply don’t have the buying power. As a medium sized reseller, RHM can deliver this tailored approach you are looking for.

I need a bespoke billing solution that makes it easy to allocate costs

RHM has invested in its own in-house billing platform and team. This means we have complete control over how we construct your bill and the language we use. This allows us to build a bill design just for you. We can break your cost down by site, telephone number, cost centre and department. Reports can be delivered in CSV format and access to our online web-portal puts you in control.

I would like service to be built around my specific needs

RHM’s customer focussed service means our staff are available during normal working hours and out of hours.  Not only can we design a service tailored to suit your business but we can give you continuity. For example if an ongoing fault rolls into the weekend the staff working on this during this period will already know about the issue.

I expect to have a senior, knowledgeable account manager

RHM’s large major accounts are always handled by our Senior Management team. As such you would be looked after by either our Sales, Manager, Sales Director or Managing Director. All three have a wealth of industry experience ensuring sound advice, accountability for service delivery and value add in solution design.

I need a supplier that is accountable for the service they provide

At RHM we have a clear escalation path. Our helpdesk will take responsibility for any issues you may have. If they cannot resolve the issue, they may engage Tier 2 technical support based in the same office. If you are unhappy with the time to resolve you can escalate direct to our Operations Director and then beyond that to our Managing Director. You will not have to go through multiple layers of management or indeed have to talk to a different agent every time you call in. We will take ownership and work with you to resolve any problems.

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