Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries regarding your communication system, connection or mobile devices that are not shown on this page, please call our help desk on 0345 136 60 60.


All of the handset displays have gone blank, what should I check?

If you are using IP handsets check that your PoE Data Switch is powered on and working. If using analogue or digital handsets check the telephone system is powered on.

I have moved my phone and it no longer works, why would this be?

Not all sockets in your premises will connect back to your Telephone System. You will need to ensure the socket you are using has been correctly “patched in”.

My business is moving office, what do I need to do?

If you are an existing customer contact our Helpdesk who will be able to assist with planning your move and provide costs and timescales.

I need some programming completed on my telephone system – is this chargeable?

Simple remote changes are charged at £20.00 per program of up to 15 minutes. Complex changes are charged at a rate of £95 per hour or part thereof.

How do I manually reboot my Telephone System in the event of a fault?

Most Telephone Systems will have a standard kettle lead connection which is normally located on the back of the main unit. We advise to disconnect for 60 seconds before reconnecting.


What should I do if I have no broadband service?

Check the router is connected correctly, all the connections are firmly pushed in and that the analogue line has dial tone.

What would cause my broadband service to frequently drop out?

Common causes include noise/interference on your PSTN line and faulty microfilters. Connect an analogue handset to your line and dial 17070 option 2 to carry out a quiet line test and try using an alternative microfilter.

Is it possible to have administration access to my router?

If required RHM can provide an administration login to the router however will take no responsibility for faults caused by its misconfiguration.

My broadband was transferred to RHM today and has no service?

Broadband migrations can complete any time between 00:00 and 23:59 on the day. Although downtime is uncommon it can happen. If the service is down for longer than an hour please contact RHM Helpdesk.

Can I get a faster broadband service?

If your area has been Fibre enabled you can contact your RHM account manager to see if you are able to upgrade. If not, there are various levels of Ethernet products available to suit your needs.


How do I get access to my RHM bills and reports?

Please email a request to and ask for a log in to our Webabillity system. This will give you access to 12 months invoice and report history and enable you to set up eAlerts and conduct analysis on calls made even during the current pre billed month.

What does the light on my ISDN2e box indicate?

If the light on the box is solid green this means the service is working. If the light on the box is flashing this indicates system failure. If the light is off this could indicate power failure or possible outage at network level.

What are the time slots for Openreach engineer appointments?

Openreach engineer appointments run from either 08:00 – 13:00 or 13:00 – 18:00 Monday – Saturday. A specific time cannot be given and access must be available for the entire slot.

How can I check my line number and run basic checks?

You can dial 17070 from any Openreach analogue line to be played back your line number and also carry out basic diagnostics, eg a quiet line test on Option 2.

If my lines are faulty can we divert our calls?

We can divert your calls as part of a fault ticket with Openreach. This can take up to 15 minutes to activate and can only divert to a single number.


My handset has been damaged, what is your process to replace or repair it?

If the handset is within warranty contact RHM Helpdesk to arrange a replacement. If not within warranty our Helpdesk will talk you through the available options.

I have lost 3G/4G data services, what can I check?

Check to ensure mobile data is enabled on the handset, you are in an area where you will receive the relevant signal and you have not hit your monthly data limit.

How do I use my handset overseas?

We recommend contacting us up to 48 hours prior to travelling to ensure the correct bolt-ons are in place to prevent unexpected charges whilst away.

My mobile has been lost or stolen, what should I do?

Call our dedicated lost/stolen number as soon as possible. We will bar the handset and SIM and discuss replacement options with you.


What are the advantages of having a managed switch over an unmanaged switch and how is it supported?

An unmanaged switch will only provide basic connectivity and will not come with any features. A managed switch is capable of providing VLANs, port security, diagnostic tools, traffic prioritisation and much more. This can be managed remotely by RHM assuming the switch can be accessed over the internet.

How do I check if I have sufficient / compatible cabling in my premises?

RHM offers Project Management to survey premises and provide a full report on required specification, additional outlets for either Cat5 or traditional 1308 cabling.

Do I need a landing page and user authentication for my WiFi solution?

The Digital Economy Act specifies that you need to capture the details of any users using your public WiFi solution. If you are looking at providing WiFi into a public area a landing page or user authentication method will be required.

Does RHM supply WiFi?

Yes, we can supply either Private/corporate WiFi networks or Public WiFi. Our Public WiFi solution comes complete with the design of the landing page.

Why does the Wireless Key printed on the bottom of the router not work?

RHM pre-configured routers come with a personalised Wireless Key that is different from the factory default. This is to make it easier for you to remember and also increase security.

What features does my RHM supplied router have?

Full details and specifications of RHM supplied routers can be found on our website here:

What WiFi services do you offer?

Public WiFi is where your business allows customers access to WiFi via your wired or wireless network.

Every Public Wifi implementation we complete complies with the Digital Economy Act of 2010.This means that if you extend public access to the internet through your wired or wireless networks you must make the user register. You are also responsible for keeping access records for 12 months and making any data available to the authorities.

We supply landing pages as standard and the landing page authentication retains the registration information and user MAC address. It also has the ability to track, monitor and report down to individual user level. Data is stored for the minimum period of 12 months as per the Act.

RHM’s solution for Public WiFi is an end to end managed service. Particularly where standalone ADSL is to be used. We provide, manage and support every component of the solution.

Private WiFi is when your business wants to offer staff and guests secure and managed WiFi whilst on your premises.

RHM can provide a private WiFi coverage solution ranging from a couple of access points to a sophisticated, managed solution with 10’s of access points across your premises.

For larger implementations we survey your site using tools to analyse areas that may be potential sources of interference that might impact on the efficiency of your network.

Once implemented, we monitor all components, down to and including the Access Points, ensuring we are proactively notified if a device is failing.

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