Why RHM?


We only work with suppliers who are the best of the best, to ensure your telecoms solution is future proofed for your business needs. We speak in plain English, we don’t complicate things and are committed to delivering the very best customer service.

We’re easy to do business with

  • RHM understands how painful it can be having to deal direct with the big carriers in the UK
  • We aim to take away that pain and provide you with a straight forward, easy to understand service
  • No matter what product or service we provide you with, you only speak to one single contact, via our helpdesk
  • We ticket and track every incident, request for change or query and proactively update you

We’re accountable

  • We make sure the sales contact that sold you a product, service or solution will be your named Account Manager post implementation
  • Our helpdesk will support you post implementation with a two-step escalation to our Managing Director
  • We work as a team to support your business from top to bottom and promise to get involved and deliver should any issues arise

We believe in partnership

  • RHM believes in building relationships. We’re not just a supplier we’re your partner.
  • We work as an extension to your business team, on call at any time to support your business
  • We have a wealth of experience ready for you to tap into, to add value to our relationship

We offer value for money

  • We understand it’s not just about great service, we need to give you great prices too
  • RHM scale means we can command good wholesale prices across a range of carriers and internet service providers
  • We have negotiated wholesale contracts with a range of suppliers which enables us to utilise the right solution for you, at the right price

The right solution

  • RHM has carefully partnered with a selection of leading manufacturers, carriers and internet service providers
  • From a simple telephone system to a complex, multi-site solution we successfully bring together and manage components and suppliers into an RHM end to end managed solution
  • We have invested in our own billing engine allowing us to pull various solutions together under a single RHM monthly bill
  • RHM supports many large multi-site enterprises where there is a need to break down the bill into numerous cost centres, making your life easier post implementation


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