FibreLight, Gloucester’s ultimate business connectivity?

With leased line broadband coming in at a steep price point, consumer services being too slow for business needs and BT being nowhere to be found, FibreLight presents a genuine alternative.

FibreLight has now arrived on Bristol Road. The new connection put in place by our partners over at ITS now runs from Olympus Park up to the crossroads on Bristol Road, then up Bristol Road all the way through to Southgate Street. Businesses along these roads, as well as those on Lower Tuffley Lane, Ashville Road, Eastgate and Westgate Street can all make the most of these new connections.

Why FibreLight

  • Faster installation to get you online in as little as 20 days
  • 100Mbps download speed
  • 24hr SLA
  • Bandwidth that can be increased to match your business growth
  • Low contention ratios – you won’t compete with your neighbours for bandwidth!

The next steps

Get in touch with RHM to find out more about Fibre Light. You’ll reach a real person who can get the ball rolling. Our service is backed up by real, local people. If you’re ready to upgrade, let us know. Nick Hunt and his team of technicians will get you online in as little as 20 days.

Why now’s the perfect time to make the switch

As the UK accelerates towards full gigabit broadband, many older copper lines, lines that your business may rely on, are soon to switch off. Even older fibre connections still rely on copper lines, so it’s worth getting in touch and finding out how FibreLight can future-proof your business connectivity.

It’s not all about speed

While we could shout all day about how FibreLight is bringing hyperfast speeds to Gloucester, there’s even more ways you can benefit.

FibreLight is incredibly reliable, and when backed up by our 24hr SLA, it’s the perfect way to support your business tech for years to come.

Reliable broadband. Reliable technology. Reliable customer service.

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