RHM is an approved supplier of the NHS England Better Purchasing framework

Having hit the rigorous set of criteria and compliance demands for the NHS England Better Purchasing framework, we’re now an approved supplier, servicing GP surgeries with hands-on support and providing communication tools that deliver efficient and effective patient care. Find out more about the Better Purchasing framework and how we find the perfect communication technology for you.

How we help the healthcare sector

Call volumes are high across the healthcare sector. From GPs to pharmacies to hospitals, many providers are simply overwhelmed. Efficiency is essential in these circumstances. And here, a modern phone system really makes a difference. If your phone system is user-friendly and properly set up, it can help you handle more calls in less time. You just need an expert provider who understands your needs – and that’s where we come in.

AAt RHM, we support many doctors’ surgeries, NHS Trusts, and medical centres across the country. We’ve developed an excellent understanding of their communications needs. That means we can tailor our offering to you, providing efficient, secure communication. RHM has partnered with a number of Trusts and Children’s Services organisations, becoming their trusted tactical supplier.

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Volume of Calls

We know that one of the single biggest challenges facing a GPs’ surgeries is coping with the volume of calls into reception to book appointments.

Peak Times

During peak times such as Monday mornings, it is nearly impossible for every call to be reached. This is why you need solutions that can alleviate the pressure.

Call Management

We can help surgeries set up call queuing and support for callers waiting to be answered. One of these support measures is giving patients the option of self-service. We also provide a professional messaging service that provides incoming callers with essential information automatically, helping to relieve the pressure on your reception staff.

We can also set limits on the number of callers you want to be in the queue at any one time. Setting the limit at 35, for example, would cause the 36th call to hear an engaged tone. Our solution then gives callers in the queue their position and an estimated time-to-answer, so they can decide to wait in the queue, call back later or request a call back. 

RHM’s solutions allows for a queue up of to 50 calls simultaneously, without having to rent 50 lines which would be the case with many traditional telephony solutions.

Call-back Request

We now offer a “request a call-back” feature for patients waiting in GPs’ call queues. Instead of waiting, they simply select that option and will receive an automatic call-back when you’re ready. They can even retain their place in the queue. This reduces the size of the queue, eases the pressure on receptionists, and alleviates stress for patients waiting to get through.

Call Analytics

Your entire call network can be monitored in detail by our live reporting wallboards and historical reports. This gives practice managers and their IT staff a full picture of how each caller was handled throughout their journey. This gives you a fantastic platform to improve your call process moving forwards.

Call Recording

This is further supported by cloud based call recording. Every recorded call is securely stored in a cloud database and can be searched for and played back with ease. Surgeries are accountable to their patients and the CQC, so recording tools are essential for any modern practice.

Management System Integration

Our solutions integrate with the leading healthcare management systems including TPP, SystemOne and EMIS Web. This integration hugely increases the productivity of reception by giving them the ability to instantly recognise any caller via a screen pop up and access their patient record. This integration also enables GPs to effectively manage their 10-minute slots by allowing them to call a patient through a single click direct from their online records.

On Hold Marketing

When patients dial in they expect to be greeted by professional messaging and on-hold music. Our solutions allow you to add and change both of these with ease through a simple administration portal.

Flexible Working

Do some of your team need to handle calls remotely? Our solution allows for completely seamless remote working. We can even direct calls to a GP’s mobile, while displaying their standard practice number to patients on outbound calls.


We’re also able to separate out the voice network on site from the NHS LAN. This allows GPs to ensure that they remain GDPR compliant.

Multiple Sites

Many practices are now merging to either create one super-surgery or a group working across separate sites. Our Cloud Telephony solution is ideal for either scenario as all users can be part of the same system regardless of location, and it also allows for calls to be answered at one centralised site or distributed across sites as required.

It’s just as easy to set up internal staff meetings across sites, either by video or voice. All it takes is a few clicks – and you can even sync meetings with your Outlook calendar.

Smart, connected city

RHM also has multiple wholesale agreements with carriers, mobile networks, and Internet service providers. This means we can offer a variety of flexible arrangements, such as providing Trusts with an alternative carrier to host their SIP Trunks, giving them an additional layer of resilience.

Some locations suffer with patchy mobile coverage, especially in rural areas. As RHM has working relationships with all four of the UK’s major networks, we can offer Trusts a reliable connection to Vodafone, O2, 3 and EE’s networks, as well as alternative networks to fill in any dark spots. We also offer data roaming SIMs for staff working on the move, allowing their devices to connect to the fastest available network depending on their location.

Transmitter in field

Trusted and responsive

For over 30 years we have been providing telecoms solutions for customers throughout the UK. From SME’s to large corporates, our clients include Cineworld, UKAS, Slimbridge Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust and Willmott Dixon. Why do they choose RHM? We provide cutting edge telecoms that gives them a business advantage, with a single point of contact and a support team that works around the clock.

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Mobile packages

RHM has access to all major UK networks and has the ability to pull together packages to suit your business needs and profile. We can either give you access to the standard tariffs available from the carriers but billed and supported by RHM, or we can design you a bespoke tariff using your own billing system.

If you have challenging coverage issues, we can even give you the abillity to mix and match carriers, all billed and supported by us via our helpdesk team.

In terms of devices RHM has set up a number of key trade accounts with SIM free hardware providers. This enables you to leverage our trade discounts and choose from virtually any mobile device on the market, from mobile phone to smart phone to tablet. In addition we support all operating systems from Android to IOS to Windows and Blackberry.

Mobile device management

RHM offer a managed MDM solution through IBM’s Maas360.

With so much data now accessed via corporate mobiles including sensitive email, attachments businesses really have to think about their security policies. Cybercrime is on the increase with hackers becoming even more creative. If you then layer on the compliance environment with GDPR regulation last year, corporate mobiles or BYOD pose a real risk to business.

RHM can help businesses reduce this exposure from as little as £2.00 per device per month with its Maas360 device management packages

Our MDM capabilities enable IT teams to secure and manage mobile devices across multiple operating systems, providing secure corporate email, automatic device configuration, certificate-based security, and selective wipe of enterprise data for both corporate and user-owned devices.

IBM’s MaaS360, solution, enables Corporate IT departments to manage, support and secure company and employee owned devices, using leading-edge technology.

SMS solutions and virtual mobile numbers

Did you know 98% of SMS messages are opened and read?

Text messaging is a well-established medium for business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication. Not only is it a proven marketing tool, it’s time efficient compared to making phone calls or sending costly mailings.

We can provide SMS management, delivery and receipt through a web-based application, email gateway, Software API or hosted SMS relay services.

SMS Web Gateway integrates with your existing applications to enable the sending of SMS messages over the internet. Messages can be sent directly from any web browser via any web-enabled device. The Gateway automatically routes messages to mobile phone networks and supports media conversion from email and other formats.

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