Making the right internet connection is vital for your business. Whether you work from home, run an SME or large corporation, fast, efficient access to the internet is essential for fuelling growth and sustaining your competitive edge.

Why speak to us?

RHM can help you choose, implement, and will support you on all types of internet access from broadband to a dedicated internet connection.

To ensure you choose the right package our team will evaluate your current usage and identify ways to improve your employee’s productivity through better internet access.

Business only broadband

Our broadband is fast, reliable and secure. We only work with business grade service providers and don’t risk running business critical applications over networks cluttered with consumer traffic.

We understand that access to applications and the efficient delivery of information to your staff, wherever they are, is essential and can mean the difference between a good and bad customer experience.

By establishing wholesale agreements with a number of specialist internet service providers such as Zen Internet, Gamma Telecom and Glide we can offer a wide range of commercial options from a simple broadband connection to a 1 gigabit fibre connection.

Our Support Service

We can provide you with as much or a little support as you need. We’ve made it our business to support your business when you need it, right down to providing the router and firewall if you want us to.

We constantly monitor your on-site devices via our remote monitoring systems and your connection performance through portal access to your network provider. Our customer service teams and helpdesk can resolve any problems remotely, or we can arrange for an on-site visit.

For broadband services we also manage your PSTN telephone line, taking end to end responsibility for the whole solution.

Great Value

We have access to all UK networks and so can specify the best option on a site by site basis. With a phone number or postcode, our team can quickly assess which services are available at your location and at what cost.

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Business broadband

Price Guide: £15-£35 per month

We offer three types of broadband service.


ADSL products are available on all exchanges in the UK. As with all broadband, actual speed is dependent on the length and quality of your telephone line. The maximum download speed is 8 m/bit.


ADSL2+ broadband services provides faster download speeds across large parts of the country (approximately 90% of the UK). ADSL2+ also offers faster upload speeds and a maximum download of 20 m/bit.

FTTC – Fibre Optic Broadband

FTTC is the latest range of superfast broadband services and is being rolled-out nationwide. Currrently reaching 65% of the UK FTTC with a maximum download of 80 m/bit

Service Level Agreement: 24-48 hours

Ethernet services

Price Guide: £150-£250 per month

We offer two types of Ethernet service.

Ethernet in the first mile (EFM)

EFM uses existing copper lines (instead of fibre) to connect you to your local exchange. This means it’s cheaper and quicker to install than a standard leased line.

EFM will give you symmetrical internet access speeds ranging from 2Mbps up to 20Mbps as well as service level benefits of leased lines.

Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) 

EoFTTC uses Fibre from the telephone exchange to the street cabinets and the copper network from the cabinet to the premises. This means it’s cheaper and quicker to install than a standard leased line.

With EoFTTC you get symmetrical internet access speeds ranging from 15Mbps up to 30Mbps as well as the service level benefits of leased lines.

Service Level Agreement: 7 hours

Fibre leased lines

Price Guide: From £200 per month.

There are times when a business needs more than a fast and reliable broadband connection. If reliability and speed are absolutely critical to your business, then a dedicated leased line could be exactly what you need.

Fibre leased lines give you guaranteed bandwidth delivered over a fibre connection that runs from the telephone exchange all the way to your premises.

RHM wholesale service providers connect via multiple carriers so we can assess each site to see who has the best service at the best price.

Service Level Agreement: 4 hours

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