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Head in the Clouds or Pure Business Sense?

For the past couple of years RHM has seen a massive migration to cloud based telephony, particularly SME’s. 2 years ago 75% of RHM’s customers were using traditional on site equipment whereas that figure has now flipped on its head, with 2016 showing 73% of RHM’s client base utilising cloud based telephony.

What is cloud based telephony?

With an office based system, all handsets communicate with a control unit or server which is installed on site. Businesses generally take out finance, typically over a 5 year period to pay for the equipment and then telephone lines and support are paid for monthly.

With cloud hosted telephony, the control unit is located off site in the cloud and accessed via your internet connection. Calls and support are paid for on a monthly basis along with the cost of your internet connection. It’s an ideal solution for companies with multiple sites, as its capable of serving hundreds of employees and perfect for businesses employing remote or home based staff. It’s easy to upgrade, has great flexibility and there are no hidden costs.

Cloud based telephony also protects you from any downtime caused by a power cut, fire or flood.

A package that’s right for you

RHM has years of experience in providing hosted solutions and has developed 3 hosted solutions for its SME customers which cover a wide range of technical and budgetary requirements.

Ericsson LG

RHM has been selling LG office based telephony since 1992 and many of our customers are 4th generation, brand loyalty is important to them. Our wholesale agreement with Ericsson-LG allows our customers to continue their relationship with this market leading provider and take advantage of a full range of cutting-edge wired, wireless and optical telecommunications and networking technologies.

Gamma Horizon

We are one of only 21 Gamma Platinum Partners in the UK.  Gamma is one of the largest network carriers of fixed-line voice minutes in the UK, providing a comprehensive range of next generation voice, data and mobile services to businesses. Our Gamma Horizon package provides an excellent all in one pay monthly bundle which includes license rental, internet access and calls.


A worldwide leading provider of high-end telephone systems from the cloud. No more in-house telephone system. No long-term maintenance contracts. All you need is a good Internet connection. Simply connect NFON approved devices and off you go. Suitable for 100+ users and compatible with any internet provider.

Cloud-based telephony services deliver great business opportunities with the flexibility of a pay-as-you-grow solution. However, to work successfully it’s vital to have a solid, reliable internet connection installed. By establishing wholesale agreements with a number of specialist internet service partners such as Zen Internet, Gamma Telecom and Easynet RHM offers a wide range of commercial options from a simple broadband connection to a 1 gigabit fibre connection. From managing high quality voice and data over a single internet connection to delivering integrated network services to national and international customers, we ensure you receive the internet connection that’s absolutely right for your business needs.

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