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New regulations prevent misleading broadband ads

After the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) called for greater transparency in broadband advertisements, a list of changes has been implemented which will ensure that broadband firms clearly state contract prices in their adverts.

The rules were first announced back in May. However, companies appealed for more time, in order to comply with the new regulations. They came into effect on 31st October and the ASA is now confident that consumers will no longer be misled.

ASA chief executive Guy Parker has said: “the effect should be a real positive difference in how users understand and engage with ads for broadband services.”

New Regulations

The new rules are a result of previous research by the ASA. The study was conducted last year with the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, Ofcom. It found that many users were unable to calculate their bills correctly, based on the information given in select broadband adverts.

The rules are very clear on how information regarding price is to be communicated in ads:

  • Advertisements must not materially mislead or be likely to do so.
  • The price of the advertised product or service, including taxes and additional charges, such as delivery and installation, must be prominent.
  • Customers must be informed that, if they have the right, they can withdraw or cancel their contract.

Digital and Culture Minister Matt Hancock has welcomed the changes made by the ASA:

“Making broadband providers show all-inclusive, upfront prices in their advertisements means consumers will be much better placed to make an informed choice when deciding on a service,” he added.

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