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Gloucestershire based businesses – taking advantage of emerging Internet connectivity technologies

The advancement in technology has been rapid over the last decade and at RHM Telecommunications, we believe in supporting our SME customers to embrace new technology and reap the benefits it can bring to their business.

In the Chancellor’s Autumn statement, Philip Hammond announced the Government is providing an extra £400m to fund the development of faster broadband speeds. Mr Hammond will also commit £740m to the development of 5G and the further rollout of fibre connections. Currently only 2% of the UK has access to this “full-fibre” connection, which offers download speeds of up to one gigabit per second.

This funding will flow through to the Small Medium Business sector in the form of new access options and possibly further subsidies for the take up of faster Internet access similar to the Superconnected Cities scheme in 2015.

G Fast Broadband

BT Openreach too, is launching a new technology between February – April, called Ultra Fast or G Fast broadband reaching speeds of 330 megabits per second. This is initially being rolled out to 17 telephone exchanges, including Cheltenham and Swindon before national rollout which is aiming to reach 40% of premises by 2020 and most of the UK by 2025. This service will be available where existing Fibre Broadband exists using new technology taking the current maximum speeds of 80 megabits per second through to the 330 headline speed.

BT Openreach is also implementing an aggressive roll out of its FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) technology, where fibre optic cable runs directly from the telephone exchange to the user’s home or business, providing speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. Up until now this technology has not been widely available and no provisioning service levels have meant a slow adoption and poor customer experience. However this is set to change with BT putting in huge investment to get this service available to 2 million premises by 2020 from the 327,000 it supplies today.

As an authorised BT partner, we’ll be talking to our customers about these potential opportunities and what it could mean for their business.

The key to taking advantage of these emerging Internet connectivity options is finding a supplier with all the necessary resources to provide great service to local customers but with the acumen to remain one step ahead in terms of future technology. RHM Telecommunications prides itself on providing exactly that, large enough to be a credible partner but small enough to be agile and responsive.

In order to keep abreast of future developments, the company has set up a number of wholesale agreements with leading, innovative, service providers. This is particularly important for smaller businesses who may be situated outside of main conurbations, or in rural areas, but are reliant on robust communications at a realistic cost. For these businesses, it’s vital they have a solid, reliable internet connection installed.

By establishing wholesale agreements with a number of specialist internet service partners such as Zen Internet, Gamma Telecom and Talk Talk Business, RHM Telecommunications offers SME’s a wide range of commercial options from a simple broadband connection to a 1 gigabit fibre connection.

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