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Evolving business telephony (VoIP) through the Internet

The sophistication of broadband provision, mobile telephony, business internet and software developments means that it is easier than ever to be an independent product producer or service provider for business telephony. With the freedom and autonomy to work for oneself the internet provides, you can obtain a satisfactory work/life balance while consistently earning a good living.

You need internet-linked business telephony, though.

Once upon a time, to have phones for your business you could either install a line or two, or, when you were expanding, a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) along with the requisite professionally-installed hardware. Fortunately, there is now a much more cost-effective option that has and is revolutionising the way businesses communicate, both internally and externally, with customers and other businesses. Known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) it’s the technology that enables users to make telephone calls anywhere, anytime, including outside the office. Its workings are simple as it simply transmits voice signals via the Internet and, in some cases, incorporates all the features of a PBX but deliver so much more.

All you need is to subscribe to a VoIP-based solution, have access to the Internet, along with connection points such as tablets, smartphones, desk-phones or, indeed, a computer.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

It works anywhere. With VoIP systems, calls go to the user, wherever you are. If you’re in Istanbul, you’ll get calls to your office number and be able to transfer them throughout your system. In fact, if you call your customers, they’ll think you’re calling from the office. You’ll also have full access to all its features, anywhere, anytime.

The flexibility of VoIP means that you can expand it along with your business or if your business experiences seasonal peaks. If you want to look bigger than you actually are, no problem: you can have a Birmingham number ringing in Brisbane if it helps you succeed!

And there’s a lot more to it. The digital world has opened up so much beyond anything we could ask or think with the old analogue systems. Not only can you make phone calls, but also do audio and video conferencing, do extension dialing and so much more.

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