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Key trends in telephony

As a major provider of telephony technology to SMEs and larger businesses, RHM Telecommunications is always keen to be on top of fast-paced developments. The future is unfolding faster than ever and as a top telephony provider, we remain ahead of the game on your behalf. Here are a few of the key telephony trends currently.

1. Mobile

Probably the most rapidly evolving technologies are in the realm of mobile telephony. Indeed, current forecasts suggest that by 2020, the number of mobile users will top 6 billion, while Internet users will pass 4.7 billion. As the ubiquity of smartphones testifies, more and more people are accessing the Internet through these devices. This implies a significant increase in the use of mobile VOIP services at the expense of the fixed-line market. This reflects people’s preference to be mobile, flexible and yet global in their professional and private lives.

2) Cloud-based PBX and UC

More and more businesses are enjoying the lower costs and the higher degree of flexibility offered by hosted PBX and UC (unified communications) systems rather than in-house PBX systems. The future is clearly in cloud-based solutions and services, and more and more businesses are transferring their communications systems to the cloud.

3) OTT applications

OTT (Over-The-Top) services provide communication facilities via Internet TV, VoIP and video with popular applications such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Voice enjoying preferential use over the international voice and SMS market. This has meant businesses accessing the internet via smartphones and thus avoid the expense of paying their provider for calls and SMS delivery. Nevertheless, mobile apps are tending to supplement traditional voice and messaging services rather than replacing them entirely. This ensures the PSTN market maintains a healthy market share.

4) WebRTC (web real-time communications)

WebRTC allows businesses to use their web browser to access services such as voice calling, video chat and conferencing as well as P2P and B2B file sharing without recourse to external plugins. WebRTC is supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. WebRTC is increasingly in demand, especially in the corporate market.

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