Don't let technology overshadow business basics

Don’t let technology overshadow business basics

Technology means businesses can run cleaner and leaner – processes can be automated and time can be saved, and control and measurement is achieved throughout the customer experience.

What is wrong with that? Well nothing really, apart from when technology is running your business, instead of you doing it.

Modern machinery, software and data analytics are complex and ever evolving. For some smaller firms, add that to Big Data and the Internet of Things, and it’s a rather overwhelming world.

This can lead them to buy “off the shelf” solutions to technology such as telecoms equipment, because it’s newer, smarter and higher functioning.

But is it the right system for their business?

The key is to be selective and find the technological advances that dovetail smoothly and seamlessly into the nature of your business operations. Not the latest fad, but the development that builds on existing business strengths.

Your telecommunications system is the perfect example.

The equipment and its capabilities have come a long way. And it is easy to be beguiled into packages that have all the “whistles and bells” that are in excess of what you need.

RHM Telecommunications believes that despite all the sophisticated technology available, the starting point is still what will enable you to communicate with your stakeholders to give them the best possible impression of your company.

That often means telecoms systems that are efficient, but not overly complicated, to get customers talking to a human voice as quickly as possible.

It completely throws most people if they don’t get to speak to a real person pretty quickly in the exchange. This is partly because we are hardwired to communicate based on our first impressions.

Psychologists have found that we can evaluate someone in as little as one tenth of a second. In one whole second, our conscious and subconscious brain capacity means we can sort through millions of pieces of information.

So that’s why first impressions count so much – and if your telecoms system keeps them waiting or “loses” them, that first impression will not be a good one.

For telephone systems that connect you in the right way for your business, at a price that matches your budget, you can rely on RHM Telecommunications.

To find the perfect partnership between technology and your business aims, contactRHM Telecommunications and draw on our 20 years experience in finding telecoms solutions.


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