Does your business need a fibre leased line?

Does your business need a fibre leased line?

Whilst a reliable internet connection is attractive to consumers, it’s absolutely vital for businesses. In addition to attracting clients and customers online, most businesses rely on the internet in order to operate efficiently.

In-house communication, for example, is generally carried out via email. Similarly, payroll systems and staff management are often dealt with using IT systems and cloud software. Should an internet connection fail, the results can be catastrophic and costly for businesses.

Working with a reliable telecoms provider, however, ensures that the risk of downtime is reduced. Furthermore, a reputable telecoms provider can ensure that your business has access to the type of internet connectivity you need.

If internet reliability and speed are key to your business operations, a fibre leased line may be the most appropriate solution for you. With guaranteed bandwidth and a fibre connection running directly from the telephone exchange to your business premises, a fibre leased line is ideal for some companies.

How will a fibre leased line help your business?

If your company relies heavily on the internet, you’ll want a guaranteed service and high speeds. By using a fibre leased line, you’ll avoid having to share your connection with other businesses or consumers in the area. Without having to compete for bandwidth, your business will benefit from a dedicated connection at all times.

Furthermore, the advertised speed of a fibre leased line isn’t simply a rough guideline. As you won’t be sharing your connection with anyone, telecoms providers can give a more accurate estimate of the speeds you’ll be able to access.

Generally, a fibre leased line will connect your premises to the network provider’s nearest Point of Presence or the telephone exchange directly. This means that you can access speeds of up to 10gbps, depending on your area.

Ideally suited for larger businesses or companies which rely heavily on the internet, a fibre leased line can revolutionise the way you operate. Downtime is minimised or eradicated completely, whilst business operations are more productive and staff more efficient.

Often hailed as the ultimate telecoms solution, a fibre leased line may even enable you to increase revenue through enhanced communications.

Getting the most out of your broadband connection

If a fibre leased line exceeds your requirements, there are plenty of other options available. In order to secure the most suitable solution for your business, it’s important to discuss your requirements with an experienced telecoms provider.

By discussing your needs with an expert, you can access a cost-effective solution, with the performance and speed you need to operate your business. Whilst you may not know the practical difference between ADSL, ADSL2+ and FTTC broadband options, a trusted telecoms provider can cut through the jargon and help you to choose the solution which is best for your business.

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