How to optimise your company's broadband speed

How to optimise your company’s broadband speed

If you’ve invested in high-quality broadband for your business, you should always enjoy a great connection. However, there are a number of things you can do to further optimise your business internet. Here are some of the best.

Ensure your browsers are up to date

Obvious, right? You might be surprised. Many businesses simply don’t take the time to ensure that (A) they’re using the most efficient browser and (B) that said browser is up to date. If you’re running out-of-date or just plain slow browsers, updating and changing them can make a big difference. (According to TechRadar, Google Chrome is top of the pile in 2017.)

Ensure you use the best routers

If your business relies on wireless as well as a cable connection, you should always use the best possible router. A high-quality router might cost you a couple of hundred pounds, but it’ll make a huge difference to the speed of your connection and will save your business a huge amount of time. This is especially relevant to businesses who rely totally on the web to operate.

Make sure your computers are clean

In the day-to-day melee of running a business, with files going back and forth and e-mails taking up space, it’s easy for individual computers to get clogged. Ensure that your employees are given the time to run Disk Fragmenter and Disc Clean Up (both Windows features) regularly. It’s also worth ensuring your internet cache is routinely deleted. This sort of task might seem mundane, but it could add another year or two’s life to every computer in your office.

Make sure you prioritise protection

Again, this might seem like something every business should do as a matter of course, but that doesn’t mean they do! Spyware and viruses can really slow down any machine. Prevention is better than cure, of course, so make sure your business has invested in high-quality protection software and that you routinely allow it to scan every machine in your office. Doing this once a week could save you a lot of time and effort in the long term. (TechRadar’s favourite is BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2018, but again, there are a lot of options.)

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