How can a fast business internet connection improve your bottom line?

How can a fast business internet connection improve your bottom line?

A high-quality broadband connection is one of those things that some businesses don’t consider worth the extra investment. However, this is a bit of a false economy. Here, we’re going to take a look at the ways in which a faster business internet connection can actually help your bottom line.

It’ll make you more efficient

Let’s say that for every web page you view as part of your work, you lose two seconds of time waiting for your slow connection to load it all up. Not a lot, right? However, if you have sixty staff members viewing an average of thirty pages a day – not implausible – you’re looking at hours of wasted time each week. It really does add up to far more than the normally minor extra cost of getting a faster connection.

And that’s not even taking into account businesses who rely on web-based software for their operations…

Speed leads to a less stressful office

Working environments have a huge impact on the general wellness of your staff. What stresses people out? Not being able to do their job as efficiently as possible. If your employees are constantly waiting for pages to load or for downloads to finish, they’re more likely to feel annoyed, and feeling annoyed can lead to stress!

Slow connections can affect your relationships with customers

If you’re in a tech-focused sector such as IT or even online marketing, what sort of reputation will you have if you have to constantly put clients on hold or make them wait? Any business that makes use of technology is expected to be at the cutting edge of it. Not being so can create a very bad impression with clients who prioritise their own web connections.

It makes using the cloud easier

It’s almost impossible to avoid using cloud storage in some capacity as a modern business, especially if clients use it, too. In order to take advantage of cloud technology – which can save you a lot of time in itself – you’ll need a fast connection. It’s that simple. A good connection and cloud tech is a combination that’ll save you thousands in the long run.

It’ll help your business grow

Every staff member you hire will throw additional pressures on your connection. So why not save yourself the hassle of changing later and upgrade now? It’s almost inevitable that your business will need superfast broadband at some point.

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