Wired vs. wifi connections - which is the better option for your business?

Wired vs. wifi connections – which is the better option for your business?

If you’ve decided to invest in a high-quality internet connection for your business, it might be you’re unsure whether you should go for a wifi or wired connection.

With that in mind, we’re going to go through the different pros and cons of both here.


Wireless connection benefits

Wireless connections offer a lot of flexibility, especially in an office where staff are often jumping between desks. If you take a ‘hot desk’ approach, a wifi connection will mean that you won’t have to be plugging and unplugging all day.

Wireless connections are ideal for sharing files. Again, if your staff are constantly on the move but still want to be able to share information and files without having to plug their laptops in, wifi is the ideal solution.

Wifi makes for a neater office. There’s no way around this one. On pure aesthetics, a wireless office just tends to look neater. And of course, there’s less of a tripping hazard than there will be when wires are trailing all over the place.

Wifi can suit your customers, too. If you’re in an environment where you have customers who visit, you can benefit them by having a wifi network: simply give them the passcode and let them browse as they see fit.

Wireless networks don’t have user limits. Though most modern wired networks can handle a lot of people, there are technical limits – if you don’t have the lead, you can’t log on! Wifi connections can handle as many people as can log on.


Wired network benefits

Wired networks tend to be faster. If you’re plugged right into the network, you’ll nearly always get quicker connection speeds. If you need to transfer very large files, a wired network is usually the better option.

Security tends to be higher. In theory, anyone can get access to a wireless network. That simply isn’t the case with wired internet connections: people need to be in your office to connect! As long as you work with an experienced network provider focused on security, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, piggybacking is always a hypothetical concern.

They’re perfectly acceptable for B2B. If you provide a B2B service and don’t have clients visiting you that often, the chances are you’ll be absolutely fine with a wired connection. In these situations, pure connection speed can be more valuable than sharing your web with visitors.


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