Three reasons Wave 2 WiFi could be delivering more for small businesses

Three reasons Wave 2 WiFi could be delivering more for small businesses

There’s been a lot of talk about the new Wave 2 wireless standard this year. Wave 2 Access Points (APs) now account for roughly 60% of all AP sales in the Enterprise space, and although the uptake from small businesses has been slow, that’s now starting to change.

To help you position a Wave 2 AP sale with your customers, here are three reasons Wave 2 could be delivering more for small businesses.

Boosting performance

With Multi user MIMO (Multi user multiple input, multiple output) an individual AP can communicate with multiple devices at the same time. This increases the total network performance and improves the end user experience, especially when large numbers of devices are connected.

The BYOD trend has long been putting networks under pressure with employees bringing multiple devices to the office. Upgrading to Wave 2 wireless will benefit businesses looking to boost performance and deal with the ever increasing number of devices and applications.


Wave 2 has been available for over a year and hardware manufacturers have been steadily releasing compatible products for the new standard, with more being added every week. So now is a great time to upgrade your wireless, and future proof your customers.

Three new products launching from Zyxel

From early November, Zyxel’s first Wave 2 product will be available, with another two coming before the end of the year. These include:

  • NWA1123-ACHD Standalone AP – available beginning of November
  • NWA5123-ACHD Unified (managed) AP – available end of November
  • WAC6303D-S Unified Pro (smart antenna) AP  – available in December

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