How can we tame the modern communications 'monster'?

How can we tame the modern communications ‘monster’?

Technology is streamlining and automating business processes and of course communications too. Developments such as cloud based Voice over Internet Protocol systems are revolutionising the way smaller companies keep in touch with stakeholders.

The advent of “Big Data” and the thirst to gather and use as much data as possible, has added exponentially to the tsunami of information and communication that companies now deal with on a daily basis.

But have you also noticed a potentially overlooked side-effect of all this new connectivity, data mining and round-the-clock availability?

Creating multiple communication platforms can create the problem of “information overload”. Smaller businesses can actually create so many ways for information to be transmitted, that it becomes difficult to make decisions and carry out daily tasks succinctly.

Internal information control

Personnel are now contactable around the clock, no matter how remotely based they are. They can even make and receive business calls from apps on smartphones and laptops.

Plus, information sharing and gathering is no longer confined to meetings or email chains – it can be achieved instantly. With modern telecoms integrated into other digital workplace solutions, it is possible to include and update personnel in real time, from any location.

More ways for customers to contact us

From a customer perspective, there is a much wider choice of ways to “get in touch” with businesses, many of which operate 24/7. Alongside telephone calls, emails and texts, companies are finding ways to handle social media messages from WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook messenger and webchat too.

Staying in control of comms

Orchestrating such a maelstrom of communications takes careful planning and management. It needs to be organised in a way that means staff can stay focused on tasks, without having to juggle a wide range of messages and communication obligations.

Also, companies need to be sure that telecoms and other messaging systems are customer-centric. In the face of increasingly demanding consumers, you need to be able to connect them to the right person and the right response quickly. All of this means it is vital that companies create multi-channel communications systems that dovetail together.

Adding functionality and new options gradually – and letting your telecoms and digital workplace systems “evolve” – could fail to tame the “monster” you create with information overload. For streamlined and clearly planned business telephony and internet systems, contact RHM Telecommunications today.

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