Why SMEs should opt for VOIP now

Why SMEs should opt for VOIP now

Within the next decade, ISDN services will be replaced by Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) systems. In plain English, this means we will all be talking to each other over the internet within a few years.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems – which provide businesses with ways to communicate without using landlines or even cellular phone systems – are becoming increasingly common as the switch over to internet-based communication marches on.

So why should small and medium sized ventures introduce VOIP now, instead of waiting a few years?

Value added communications

One of the primary reasons to convert over to VOIP is the savings to be made on phone bills.

With a stable internet connection, you lose none of the functionality but you cut out the high costs of a dedicated commercial phone line.

Also, it makes commercial sense to dispense with antiquated or poorly functioning telephony hardware, to streamline and improve efficiency with VOIP.

VOIP also provides SMEs with a more focused and manageable communications system, potentially freeing up valuable time. This is because it draws together voice, data and video into one easy to manage system.

One of the curses of smaller ventures is lost sales due to busy lines or lack of people to answer the phone. VOIP makes such issues obsolete, as you can have multiple phone lines across your IP network.

You can also feed calls towards a variety of responses. This includes instant transfers to staff working remotely or to someone who is visually “free” to take the call.

As well as improved productivity and efficiency, combining communications together using a VOIP system also offers security benefits.

How to switch to VOIP

The big technology companies are – of course – developing their own VOIP systems and networks to support free-call customer support and sales functions.

SMEs need to outsource their VOIP needs to telecoms providers with the right capabilities, insights and support services.

The choice of telecoms provider needs careful consideration though. It is still a relatively “young” technology, naturally attracting a number of enthusiastic new start-ups.

To find a VOIP services provider with the knowledge and expertise your organisation requires, also means working with a team who are adept and agile enough to keep pace with updates and improvements.

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