Get ready for the future of business mobility

Get ready for the future of business mobility

Your company’s communications might be dominated by email, messaging and phone calls, but as collaboration tools and mobile devices have revolutionised how we talk and work, future changes will shake things up further.


The basics of future mobility

For all businesses, the key changes in mobility will be in comprehensive security that covers devices, data and connections, to ensure that business information stays private and within the company.

Growth in the use of location-based technology will also help businesses keep tabs on their workers and help improve efficiency through better routing out on the roads, or as more store workers get mobile devices, managers can track which areas of retail facilities are overlooked or overpopulated.


The rise of wearables and smart tech

Slowly, we will see mobile devices extended by the use of wearables connected to the user’s smartphone. Smart bands or watches can provide urgent messages, or monitor worker health, especially useful for fleet-based businesses with many drivers or those in high-stress roles.

More workers will be using augmented reality headsets to provide local or specific information without the need to look at a screen. Being able to view a repair manual while fixing the product is easier than constantly diverting attention. And, while it might sound scary, workers can identify high-value clients as they come into a store, more easily find their way around a warehouse, or take the optimal route between a varying range of destinations.


Things get interesting with the Internet of Things

A popular topic among IT and business leaders, we will soon start seeing mobile devices and apps feeding back data from the Internet of Things devices. These could help a company monitor freight, crops, store products, industrial processes and much more.

Instead of relying on slow-moving reports for updates, the right worker can get an update to their mobile to either restock or repair, while bosses can make decisions with the latest information.

While not every one of these elements might affect your business, they will become the standard way of working in coming years, just as mobiles are now. All of this technology will require a company to have integrated communications and high-class Internet, voice, mobile and data networks. Get in touch with us at RHM Telecommunications to find out how we can help prepare you for the future.

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