How to choose the best business phone service

How to choose the best business phone service

As a leading telecoms provider, the team at RHM Telecommunications certainly know something about how to choose a business phone service to suit your enterprise. Having advised an innumerable number of clients on just such a subject, we are possessed of plenty of knowledge, and we wrote this article to share it with you.

If you’re looking for a new system, here are just a few of the questions that you ought to consider in order to find the perfect fit for your company…


1. Do you require a full phone system? 

Before you start considering your options, ask yourself this one simple question: do you require a full system of telephones installed in your office, or could your company manage with a virtual phone service that relies on mobile devices instead? Whereas the former are a reliable and time-tested solution that all of your employees should be comfortable using, the latter has the advantage of supporting remote work and enabling increased flexibility in terms of communicating with clients outside of office hours.


2. What sort of service would you prefer? 

If you make the decision to install a standard telephone system, you also need to think about the kind of service you want. You have two options open to you: a traditional landline, or else a voice over internet protocol (VOiP) alternative, which works off of your internet connection. The latter can certainly be useful in terms of ease of set-up and economy, although the former should be preferred by those whose workplaces are located in areas where internet speeds are not quite up to scratch.


3. Who will host your system? 

Those who choose to rely on a VOiP service will have a further decision to make, between housing the system on their premises or else having it hosted by their service provider. Both options have their advantages, with the former giving you more complete control over your service, and the latter entailing less intensive maintenance and management. For this reason, we would be inclined to recommend on-site hosting for bigger businesses, and their cloud-based alternative for companies with a smaller budget.For further advice and information on the services we offer, contact us today through our easy-to-use messaging system.

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