Three reasons why VOIP is set to grow in 2018'

Three reasons why VOIP is set to grow in 2018

It seems like a no-brainer – make your telephone calls via the internet and save yourself a pretty penny. But up until the last few years, voice over internet protocol (VOIP) technology has been a slow burner. That’s all changed, as more and more businesses switch onto the benefits of converting their business phone service onto VOIP.

In this blog, we look at three reasons why we believe that this trend will continue in 2018:

1. More 3G and 4G coverage

With 3G and 4G coverage expected to extend further next year, and 5G on the way, it will be even more possible to make voice and video calls wherever we are in the country. That opens up more applications for calls on VOIP, which may have previously been restricted by limited bandwidth. And 5G will push the boundaries for commercial phones even further, enhancing call quality and the speed of file transfer.

2. A mobile workforce

According to research, some 2.39 billion people worldwide will have used a smartphone by the end of 2017. That suggests that in 2018, a huge share of the business world will own a business mobile which they can make VOIP calls on. It is statistics like these which will convince companies that the vast majority of their customers, suppliers and employees share the same technology capabilities and that the time is nigh to invest in VOIP.


BYOD, which stands for buy your own device, is a term which refers to company policies which ask employees to use their own phones for work. With so many of us now using a smartphone, businesses are saving on overheads by allowing employees to use accredited smartphones, instead of them having to foot the bill for one. All this means that even if it isn’t being used already, VOIP is now a realistic possibility for a large number of employees. 2018 can be the year that companies utilise the technology which their employees are already carrying.

So those are our three reasons why VOIP is set to continue it significant growth next year – it’s time to get on board!

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