The advantages of using headsets

The advantages of using headsets

As telecom providers we know that while VOIP based systems are giving new life to the telecom classic desktop phone, many businesses are opting to move past the traditional phone as we know it and choose something a little more portable: the headset.

While headsets are not exactly a new idea, more businesses find themselves throwing away their old desktop phones and adopting headsets in their offices. It’s easy to see why: holding a phone to your face may not be the best way for a company to communicate. While some headsets may be seen as primitive by today’s standards, there’s no denying that they close quite a gap between technology and communication.


Anyone who’s held a phone to their face while also trying to make notes will know how uncomfortable it can be. Even when headsets were in their early days, they were found to be the more comfortable solution for your workforce in the long run. A study by Plantronics from the 1990s indicated that headset users experienced less pain in their shoulders and necks than regular phone users. These issues can lead to further muscle strain and pains, but by changing to headsets, you can reduce these stresses by up to forty percent.


The ultimate advantage of using a headset over the traditional desktop phone is that you can be more productive. It’s hands-free, which means you have more capacity to multitask, enabling you to take notes, open draws to find files or walk around so you can look for coworkers or resources to assist your call. That physical freedom from the desktop gives workers the chance to operate more efficiently and seamlessly.

Sound quality

Headsets bring out the best sound quality whether you’re talking or listening. This is done by a combination of high-quality speakers and flexibility so you can determine which position sounds best for you. The microphone sits in a position so that it can pick up your voice clearly, while also not being in the way as to avoid any scratching or rubbing noises that may be picked up by a phone. You’ll also find that most headsets are great at keeping out background noise.

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