Could your business benefit from BYOD?

Could your business benefit from BYOD?

The workplace is more flexible than it has ever been at any point in history. Workers are no longer chained to their desks, and that means they can be out there doing their jobs remotely, earning your company money, whilst having access to most or all of the capabilities they would have by being physically present in the building. But while useful, this fact brings its own complications. A mobile workforce needs a great mobile solution to keep it up and running, and to ensure it has the right tools for the job.


What is BYOD?

Just about everybody has a smartphone these days, and for the average person, it’s like a home office in one device. People are attached to their own phones and want to have everything in one place, from their personal lives to their work lives, so it can pay to allow your staff to work from their personal phones by integrating them into your network. This is good for staff morale, as they don’t feel like they’re being forced to use a device they didn’t choose, or fiddle around with multiple devices when, realistically, one would probably do the job.

It’s also a security advantage. Busy workers are likely to end up using their own phones for work business anyway, even if it’s just taking calls or sending emails, so it’s better that you have a written policy to allow this and set up formal security and monitoring procedures. The alternative is to pretend it doesn’t happen and to risk a breach with no visibility over what is being shared and from where.


What do I need?


Whilst BYOD has many advantages, it’s vital that you have visibility over who and what has access to your corporate network, or those advantages are lost. The best way to achieve this is via a Mobile Management service from a telecoms provider like RHM Telecommunications. Supporting multiple devices, our Mobile Management service provides an easy to use platform which allows you to manage the network, data use, security, location services and everything in-between from a central location. To find out more about our Mobile Management service, or how we can help support BYOD, get in touch here.

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