3 tips to make the most of your VOIP system

3 tips to make the most of your VOIP system

Like many business owners, you may have caught wind of the various benefits a VOIP system can offer your business, and be planning to make the switch. Though VOIP systems have a range of advantages, there can be numerous hurdles when introducing one to an office environment. Here are three tips for making the most out of your VOIP system.

Get help with installation

If you’ve ordered a VOIP package from your telecoms provider, but you’re a little unsure of how to handle installation, it’s advisable to call an expert for help. While installation can be fairly simple in smaller office spaces with limited connections, when larger businesses try to do it in-house, it can often lead to technical issues, false starts and subsequent downtime. VOIP professionals will not only make installation a breeze but can also help you with structured cabling systems which will keep all the wiring in your office in order.

Run some tests

Even though you’ll reap the full benefits of a VOIP system by getting your whole office connected, it’s advisable to run a few tests beforehand, within a small group of users. Once you’re happy with the way these employees are taking to it, you can initiate the process of rolling it out to other employees. Use this trial to flag any potential issues, and reach out to your telecoms provider for help. They’ll be able to address these issues in time for the whole office getting to grips with the new system.

Get prepared with call forwarding

When bringing in a new system, it’s good to be prepared for everything that’s to come, getting set up with call forwarding is a great preparatory step. With this tool, if your office experiences a power outage, or your office network drops out, the reliability of your VOIP system will be affected. However, with call forwarding, you can set the system to automatically forward any unanswered calls to a mobile, landline, or voicemail. Though these situations are rare, a backup measure like call forwarding can save leads who you would’ve otherwise lost, and keep the whole office connected when disaster strikes.

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