Is your business mobile deal fit for purpose?

Is your business mobile deal fit for purpose?

The way that people use mobile phones has changed remarkably over the last few years. Nevertheless, many businesses are still tied to deals that may have been suitable in the past but are totally wrong for the world of today. If you’re one of these businesses then the time may well have come to reconsider what you’re getting from your current business mobile telephony provider. Here’s a quick guide to the questions you should ask when the time comes to renegotiate your business mobile phone deal.

Data is king

Once upon a time, the number of inclusive minutes was a key part of any phone contract. Nowadays, many phone companies will essentially sell minutes on an unmetered basis – it’s data that they’re really interested in selling you. However, if you haven’t taken a good look at exactly what you’re paying for in recent years, then there’s every chance that you’re paying over the odds for the minutes that you do use and may be paying out of pocket for data usage that would be better covered by a bespoke deal. These are both issues that you should raise the next time you have a chance to renegotiate the contract.

Do devices matter?

An increasing number of companies are turning to bring your own device policies when it comes to mobile phones. This means that they give an employee an amount of money to purchase a phone and provide a SIM card and service. This can work out well for employees who prefer a particular model or phone operating system. However, it can cause issues as it moves the responsibility for taking care of the phone from the company to the individual. If you do consider moving to a BYOD system then make sure that you have robust policies in place that will keep your company’s data safe and secure and that all of your employees understand how these policies will impact them.

Regularly reviewing the phone service you’re getting is a great way to look after your company’s bottom line and ensure you’re getting the service you require.

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