3 tips on how to choose the right mobile device for your business

3 tips on how to choose the right mobile device for your business

Today, businesses rely more than ever on their ability to mobilise a dynamic workforce. In this blog we have compiled three tips on how to choose the right mobile devices that will work well both for your staff and for the overall needs of your business.

Which OS?

There are pros and cons with each mobile operating system, so it’s important to consider your key requirements. Do you need an operating system that will allow customisation? If so, Google’s Android OS is almost infinitely customisable. The downside to this is that it can make the device more complicated to get to grips with compared to a simpler system, such as Apple’s iOS. Furthermore, using an open operating system can make these devices more susceptible to viruses or hackers, so if security is your prime concern you might consider iOS. Apple’s mobile operating system is widely supported and easy to use, however the fact that it will only run on Apple hardware can be limiting.

Laptops or tablets?

With the computing power of tablets increasing exponentially in recent years, many companies now prefer to use them in favour of laptops. Tablets are less bulky and ideal for the dynamic workforce. Most tablets are able to last the full business day on one charge and have built in cellular connectivity. However, for some staff a laptop may still be the right choice. A touchscreen can be difficult to adapt to, and some tablet applications only provide a limited service compared to their desktop counterparts.

Choose the right business mobile provider

It’s extremely important to find a company that can provide a tailored business mobile solution that will work for you. Whether you are interested solely in purchasing a mobile device package, or if you would like a fully supported business mobile device management service, RHM Telecommunications is a telecoms provider that understands the importance of an efficient business mobile solution.

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