Missed out of hours calls can cause business losses

Missed out of hours calls can cause business losses

Finding out whether you’re missing important calls out of business hours is important for businesses of any size as losing calls can equate to missing out on orders. Missed telephone calls could be sales queries or customer orders meaning lost revenues for your business, so monitoring call trends is a highly important task for any business. There are solutions to lost business calls and initially identifying patterns of calls and times is an important facet of creating solutions to potential problems.

Benefits of great telephony decisions

Making the right decision about the business call management system utilised and the reporting systems offered is critical for business users. For example, call systems that provide a complete view of calls coming into and out of the business give indications of phone trends and help you to identify problems like missed out of hours calls, leading to potential answers and solutions to maximise business revenue and cut dropped calls.

Business phone system reporting is available to provide valid data across a complex range of reporting issues, including call distribution and this all helps business owners keep on top of the profitability of their business and increase sales levels to the max. Reporting across a wide range of communications trends helps managers remain up to speed with call trends and patterns across the whole business. You can source a wide variety of telecoms technologies and solutions to keep your business profitable at all times at RHM Telecommunications, these could include auto attendant to ensure out of hours calls receive a response at all times.

In our modern business era, 80% of business communication takes place over the phone, with an even higher percentage of 85% callers not calling back if their initial call is unanswered.

RHM Telecommunications provide telephone systems to sit at the heart of your business and drive onwards developments. We supply a variety of Cloud or hosted solutions and systems that can ensure you are provided with a range of statistics to support your business needs and ensure you stay on top of business phone management issues at all times in order to enhance the profitability of your business.

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