Broadband: What your small business needs

Broadband: What your small business needs

Most startups and small businesses will find a basic broadband package to provide everything they need to cover everyday operations. This can be fine for a time but can lead to issues with scale.

Scaling to your needs

Broadband providers can and will sufficiently satisfy your requirements, but may not always be able to grow along with your needs. Any fast-growing business should plan ahead to ensure that they do not get locked into an internet contract that will later be insufficient. Often these contracts can be ended early but at a cost. Your business might be growing, but that doesn’t mean that you can afford to pay for early opt-outs – choosing a provider that can grow with you early on will help to ensure that your contract will stay relevant.

The most basic form – FTTC – is generally accepted as being a good option, and is widely usable, except where your business is based in one of the few rural locations where the technology is not yet available. This is only likely to affect a very small number of businesses but is still well worth considering. If you are one of those businesses, then leased lines to provide dedicated internet service may need to be looked into.

Of course, the scale of your internet needs depends entirely on a number of factors. A home-based business will probably be able to use an ordinary home internet service, especially if your business is made up of just you. Though that is frequently the case, you do have to consider efficiency and scale; it might just be you working, but if the work you undertake requires more intense internet usage, you may need to upgrade to dedicated business broadband service.

In addition to the risk of overstrain on your network, it is also possible that your home-based internet connection will be unsuitable for legal reasons.

Broadband speeds

As mentioned, it is important to consider your requirements when choosing an internet and broadband provider.

What activities will you be carrying out? And what do you need to be able to do?

Most businesses do not need intense internet connections – especially if the extent of their internet use is in email and basic website use.

As soon as your business begins to grow, though, or you require your broadband to handle more strenuous activity, you should bear in mind what you are currently running on. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, it is at this point when you should consider your options for scaling.

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