Big VoIP developments in 2018

Big VoIP developments in 2018

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is presenting a compelling case to many business which want to save money on their telephony bills and cut overheads. Organisations are also switching on to the increased productivity which VoIP can promote. And in 2018, we have already seen the technology move on – so what have been the big developments so far? In this blog, we take a look.


1. More integration

The digital era has provided us with more opportunities to integrate things and make them easier. Take the Internet of Things (IoT) for example. These networks of connected objects have opened up a galaxy of opportunities, many of them related to data analysis and insight. VoIP is able to fit into IoT networks, as well as other platforms such as customer relationship management (CRM) programs. It all adds up to more possibilities for VoIP, which can be ‘plugged in’ to digital platforms in a way which traditional telephony cannot be.


2. AI technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and in particular voice assistants, have really taken hold in VoIP. Now these voice bots can be used to perform many tasks which in the past needed to be fulfilled by human customer services teams. These systems are taking work off the shoulders of businesses who need all hands on deck to support other areas of their organisation, and allows them to channel more investment into other departments.


3. Enhanced network infrastructure

In terms of networks, we have now welcomed 5G to the party, and that means that there can be faster download speeds for all the VoIP users. Problems such as dropped calls and echoes can become even rarer, and video calls should be smoother than ever thanks to the improvement in streaming quality. All of this improves VoIP, for those using in their business activities and in their social life.

So there are three notable VoIP trends to have emerged already in 2018 – one thing is for sure, VoIP is not going away and seems to be becoming more standardised in business, rather than being a novelty.

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