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Improving our service to you

Dear Customers,

We are always looking at ways we can improve our service to you and have been reviewing how you contact us.

We are therefore introducing some positive changes with the aim of improving response times and getting you to the right teams first time.

Therefore, on Monday 6th August, we will be discontinuing

Any emails to this address from this date onwards will not be monitored and you will receive an out of office reply with our new contact procedures. We are replacing this with the following:

Contact for Faults

New email:

To be used to register new faults or follow up progress on existing faults. New emails into this address will be automatically ticketed on our system and you will receive a ticket reference straight away. If you need to chase for updates when the issue is live you simply need to reply on the email chain and the ticket reference will be picked up in the subject field to avoid a new ticket being raised.


Nick Hunt – Technical Team Leader

Pamela Henry – Operations Director

Nick Thomas – Managing Director

Contact for Orders

New email:

To be used to place a new order or chase progress on an existing. You can also use this address for queries prior to placing orders.


Christina Bryant – Helpdesk Team Leader

Pamela Henry – Operations Director

Nick Thomas – Managing Director

Main Contact Number

There will be no change here for our generic service number. It will still be 0345 337 73 73.

Our sales and reception number will still also be 0345 136 60 60.

New Menu Functions

Both numbers will now come into a simple auto attendant with the following menu:

1. Helpdesk

2. Sales

3. Billing

4. Accounts

If you choose the Helpdesk option you will then receive the following options:

1. For faults

2. For orders


Many thanks for your co-operation with these new procedures and your continued business. It is very much appreciated.

Need more information or advice? Call us now 0345 136 60 60

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