Common hosted VoIP myths debunked

Common hosted VoIP myths debunked

While more and more businesses have made the switch to VoIP because they recognise the mobility and flexibility such a platform offers, there are still those that are sceptical. Some business owners worry that they may suffer a lack of security or quality by switching to VoIP. It is understandable why you may fret about this, but VoIP has advanced to such a point whereby this is something you really do not need to worry about. With that being said, let’s debunk some of the common myths about VoIP.


Myth 1: VoIP technology is not secure

Online security is something that all businesses need to be concerned about today. Security concerns relating to VoIP centre on the fact that voice packets pass through different networks, including the Cloud. This is something VoIP providers are aware of and they have taken the necessary steps to secure their platforms, actively monitoring and improving them.

Myth 2: Call quality will suffer

This is one of the biggest concerns surrounding the switch to VoIP. It is also one of the biggest myths. Yes, when VoIP was first introduced, there were teething problems, as is the case with any new product. However, those days are long gone. Providers have determined the underlying causes for poor call quality and they have overcome them with proven strategies. If you choose a provider with care, you won’t have to worry about delays or latency.

Myth 3: You will lose all of your existing numbers

Last but not least, customer retention is difficult enough without the prospect of losing your existing phone numbers. This does not need to be the outcome, though. Your VoIP provider will get you to sign a Letter of Authority (LOA) so that they can request your existing numbers from your current telecommunications provider.

So there you have it, some of the most common myths regarding VoIP debunked. Here at RHM Telecommunications Ltd, we provide a wide range of VoIP and business mobile and Internet solutions. Contact us today for more information on choosing the best business phone service for you.

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