Improving remote workforce productivity with cloud phone systems

Improving remote workforce productivity with cloud phone systems

Often referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), cloud phone systems are designed to meet various telecommunications needs. They enable businesses to create flexible working conditions for employees, including those who work outside their offices.

Here are some ways you can use VoIP to improve the productivity of remote workers and grow your business.

Deliver flexibility and mobility

Cloud phone systems help business owners to eliminate communication barriers. Employees working in the office can share the capabilities and features of a powerful telephone system with remote workers.

When your workers leave their workstation, they can use the office phone system via an app on their mobile phones, tablet, and other devices that are compatible with VoIP services.

Enable staffing

Many companies are hiring virtual assistants these days. Therefore, you don’t need to meet your employees face-to-face to get work done.

With VoIP, you can hire remote employees and manage them the same way you manage your in-office staff. Your company’s cloud phone system will enable the remote workers to work with your partners, customers, and co-workers.

Save money and time on commuting

According to Totaljobs, the average UK worker spends at least one year of their life commuting to work. IP phones allow employees to work from the comfort of their own homes, thereby saving a lot of money, energy, and time.

If your remote employees have access to a cloud phone system, they won’t have to worry about walking, driving, or riding a bus to work. They’ll be able to spend most of their valuable time working towards achieving your company goals.

Fewer distractions

Not many people perform well in a regular office setting. Office distractions, such as idle gossip and the constant ringing of phones, can affect your productivity because you may find it difficult to concentrate on your job.

A VoIP phone system from a trusted telecoms provider can help your employees to cut off distractions and focus on fulfilling their responsibilities. They can work from anywhere and create a calm working environment for themselves.

The take-home

A lot of businesses are enjoying the many benefits of VoIP. They offer remote work opportunities and share their phone systems with in-office staff and remote employees. It’s important to choose telephone solutions that enable your team to work from a remote location.

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