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VoIP – What is it?

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, provides the option of having a phone service delivered via your Internet connection as opposed to receiving it from your local phone company. You may also see VoIP referred to as VoB (Voice over Broadband), VoN (Voice over Networks) and Internet Technology. In the present day, where Internet connections are of good quality, a lot of companies are getting in touch with a telecoms provider and making the switch to VoIP. Here are the main reasons why you should consider doing so too…

Reduce business expenditure

It is possible to make significant savings by switching to VoIP. This is because you will have the ability to make calls at a very low rate, in fact in most instances you can make free telephone calls. If your company is one that uses telephones on a daily basis, you can easily see how vast the potential monetary benefits are. It is also worth noting that the operating costs you will pay to a VoIP service provider are lower than the sum a traditional phone company will demand.

Flexibility and portability

In addition to this, by switching to VoIP, your system is going to be much more flexible. You and your employees have the ability to talk on your laptops and take your phone system with you, as you can use your VoIP system anywhere with internet. This is ideal for companies that engage in a lot of corporate travel.

Take advantage of more features

One of the main differences between VoIP and a traditional phone service is the fact that VoIP providers present a much greater scope of services. A prime example of this is the ability to have your voicemails and faxes sent directly to your email box. Aside from this, other possible features include video conferencing, sending documents, virtual meets and much, much more. All of these features will undoubtedly lead to an increase in productivity at your business.

To conclude, VoIP evidently presents a vast scope of benefits to all companies, no matter how big or small. Not only will you have the opportunity to lower costs, but also you will reap the rewards to greater flexibility, enhanced quality, more features, and ultimately increased productivity.

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