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Mobile Device Management and GDPR

GDPR – Does your Mobile estate pose a risk?

With so much data now accessed via corporate mobiles including sensitive email, attachments businesses really have to think about their security policies. Cybercrime is on the increase with hackers becoming even more creative. If you then layer on the compliance environment with GDPR regulation last year, corporate mobiles or BYOD pose a real risk to business.

RHM can help businesses reduce this exposure from as little as £2.00 per device per month with its Maas360 device management packages

Our MDM capabilities enable IT teams to secure and manage mobile devices across multiple operating systems, providing secure corporate email, automatic device configuration, certificate-based security, and selective wipe of enterprise data for both corporate and user-owned devices.

IBM’s MaaS360, solution, enables Corporate IT departments to manage, support and secure company and employee owned devices, using leading-edge technology.

IBM MaaS360

The MaaS360 Platform allows IT administrators to apply granular controls based on a variety of parameters such as device-type, device-ownership and employee role. With this granular policy framework, the IT administrator can both alleviate end-user privacy concerns and lessen the organization’s burden of complying with a wide range of privacy laws. Fully managed option available from as little as £2 per device, per month.

See the video here IBM – MaaS360

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