Does one size really fit all?

For many years, we at RHM have been billing all of our own services and therefore our customers have always had the benefit of having one bill regardless of the variety of mobile networks their users might be on (O2, Vodafone, EE and or 3). This set up works very well but until now this has been restricted to individual and not shared data tariffs.

Use any network

By working with our network partners we have now created a tariff that gives all users unlimited UK calls, unlimited SMS and access to a shared data allowance. The allowance amount can be set by you and can be flexed up or down month to month. Users on this tariff are able to choose between O2, Vodafone and the EE network; it’s the same monthly cost for every user and they all share the same data allowance.


This tariff is all about network flexibility so not only can users be on any one of three networks, they are no longer restricted to one network and can move network at the beginning of any given month. There is no cost to do this, the users monthly line rental is no different, the only thing that needs to change is the sim card.

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