Award winning call and contact analytics

How well is your workforce performing?
Can you currently monitor homeworker productivity?


Do you know how many calls your business is losing?


RHM can help you monitor your workforce from just £1.95 per month.

RHM have helped many of their clients set up home or flexible working over the past 15 months.

Once the technology is in place however wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor how many outbound calls your homeworkers are making or inbound calls they are answering as part of a company hunt group.

RHM’s Cloud based Akixi reporting tool allows you to do just that. Wall boards can monitor teams or queues for example:

We can also deliver live Wallboards that show individual team member breakdown of activity for example:

If your business is missing calls currently how do you know? If potential customers have an option to ring a competitor instead of you, how much business may you be losing from lost calls?

RHM’s Akixi solution can even show you unreturned missed calls enabling you to identify them, call them back and potentially convert that lost call into a sale.

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