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Steps you need to take to create lasting change

The world of business is changing. The office is no longer the number one working destination for many of us. Many teams are now taking advantage of a hybrid or fully remote approach to work. There’s plenty of benefits to this new model, from productivity to morale through to accessing a new pool of talent. This new way of working does require a new management style though, and there’s technology available that can help.

At RHM we believe that hybrid and remote working can make a huge difference to businesses. There are plenty of benefits, but they must be implemented in a sustainable way in order to make a lasting difference. This is where your technology steps in. There are plenty of services available that can enhance communication, collaboration, and customer service, even when your staff are working away from the office. We’ve spent years providing businesses with these services and understand the steps you need to take to create lasting change.


Keep every member of staff on the same page:


In any flexible working plan every member of staff needs to stay up to date. Especially during the first lockdown in 2020, many businesses did not have a reliable way to keep staff informed of the latest developments in the business. This led to morale and productivity plummeting.

Video conferencing is the way to keep remote staff better connected. Scheduling regular meetings either between your whole team or separate departments goes a long way to bridging the gap between the home and office environments. From here you can update your team on the latest customer developments, team news or changes to any of your processes.

Video conferencing is accessed easily through a unified communications platform. This platform allows your staff to host and join video calls on a device of their choice. Only an Internet connection is required.


Maintain your level of service:


In a poorly managed remote working environment, customer service suffers first. Customers claim that that being left on hold for too long or having to repeat themselves to multiple operators are the biggest customer service dealbreakers for them. Your remote or hybrid working plan should aim to prevent both of these, and there is technology that can help.

Working with a Cloud Phone System allows you to access simple CRM integration. This means that any of your staff can automatically draw information from your CRM, no matter where they are working. This can be incredibly valuable in a customer service situation. When customers dial in, your team will automatically see their name and relevant details, allowing them to provide a more efficient service.

Similarly, Cloud systems also feature built in Call Recording and Analytics features. This means that managers can see the effectiveness of their customer service teams in real time according to relevant KPIs. This allows changes to be made to ensure every customer is heard. Call Recording provides a fantastic training resource, allowing new hires to listen to examples of what to do and what to avoid.


Ensure your connectivity is up to standard:


Being able to guarantee that your team always has access to reliable Internet is a huge step to future-proofing your business. This can be difficult in a remote working environment. Every business has different requirements from their broadband, depending on their area, bandwidth needs and the services they need to host through their network.

At RHM we work alongside the country’s top Internet service providers to help your team find the deal to suit them. This is based on your current usage, location and future ambitions. We proactively monitor your network remotely to prevent downtime before it happens. Taking advantage of this service means your staff no longer have to rely on potentially insecure public WiFi or slower home networks.


Expand into the future:


We know that the current business environment is uncertain. That’s why we believe future-proofing is so important. There are many industries which already need to take into account fluctuating staff numbers, hot-desking and influxes of customers during particular times of year. Our time working with these businesses in industries such as events, property and healthcare have allowed us to develop future-proofing strategies for more teams than ever.

Cloud systems once again hold the key to providing more flexibility. Due to their ability to add new users instantly without any installation, and the ability to add new phones to your system on temporary licenses whenever needed. This allows businesses to account for changing circumstances quickly, even if staff are working remotely.

To find out more about the communication and connectivity services that can make a lasting difference to your business, get in touch with our team here at RHM. We can help create a plan that suits you and your team’s individual needs. You can reach us at 0800 041 041 or send an email to


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