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Our Tech Team’s Top 5 Time Saving Comms Features

At RHM we’ve seen a huge amount of technology come and go. In the current business environment efficiency is everything. If a piece of technology slows you and your team down, it doesn’t last long.

Especially with the rise of remote working, teams have adopted a whole range of new services to speed up their communications. Nobody has seen this more than our brilliant tech team. Whether it is installing new systems, maintaining, or upgrading existing technology or handling support calls, our team can identify the technology that makes businesses happy.

The services that are most popular are always the ones that help people to save time during their daily interactions. This is what our blog is all about today, here are our tech team’s top 5 time-saving features.


Automatic transcription and recording


Keeping records is vital for every business. From important documents to customer calls, whether you’re complying with regulations or storing data for future reference. Transcribing meetings and calls can be a very tedious process though, it’s the job nobody particularly enjoys.

Thankfully this can be a thing of the past with a unified communications service. These advanced communication platforms feature in-built call recording, so you can keep a record of the most important interactions. These calls are stored securely in the cloud, meaning you can access them when you need to, but nobody outside of your business can. UC call recordings can come with an auto-generated transcript at the push of a button. This saves you time and allows a quick response in the case that any dispute arises.


Call reporting


When it comes to communications, no major improvements can really be made to a business’ processes without knowing the full picture. In the past there would have to be a manual process of compiling all the records of incoming and outgoing calls, and only then could improvements be made based on these records. Times have changed though and now this process is far more intuitive.

Our call analytics package features built-in reporting tools. This service compiles the data that is most important to you and sends you an easily digestible report when you need it. You can choose the metrics you want to see, from missed calls to your top performing operators. You can also change the frequency of reports to whenever suits you best, get daily updates or a monthly roundup.


Video calling


We know that sometimes a phone call isn’t enough to give you the full picture. That’s why before lockdown a huge amount of our daily working lives was spent travelling between different customers. Whether on support or sales duties, nothing beats that face-to-face connection. It is hugely time consuming though, and video calls can help.

Equipping your team with a unified communications service gives them access to video calls on a device of their choice. From here they can get in touch with customers from the comfort of their office or from home. Of course, some meetings will still require a physcial presence but statistically the arrival of video conferencing has seen travel times reduce dramatically across many businesses.


Mobile apps


When we need to work with more efficiency we turn to our mobile phones. Previously it could feel like our mobiles were not designed for business use. Calling customers through a mobile device can feel unprofessional and not audio quality might be poor if you can’t access a strong signal. Thankfully mobiles have come a long way and can now become a fully-fledged business device, designed to save you time.

With our business mobile plans, we take a look at the connectivity and best data providers in your area, to give you the best deal. We also provide roaming SIMs meaning that your mobile will select the strongest signal in any area, based on a variety of providers. This adds more reliability and professionalism when you need to make calls quickly on the go.

Our unified communication app also works seamlessly on your mobile, meaning you can host video calls and utilise instant messaging, all using your office number.




Some of the greatest timesavers don’t come from new technology, but from when your existing services work together. A communications network that doesn’t work together seamlessly is one that can be improved.

Our communications platforms work smoothly alongside a huge variety of programmes. From customer management services such as Salesforce and Sage, that add customer contact details straight into your phone system, to scheduling and productivity services like Office 365 and Outlook. Our platform is designed to be your go to for any business need, so no more trawling through 7 different apps trying to figure out who tomorrow’s meeting is scheduled with.


We hope that this guide has helped to inform you about just some of the technology that can save you and your team some much needed time. For more information about any of the services mentioned here visit our website, call 0800 041 041 or send us an email at

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