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It’s a new school year and that means we’ve got our noses to the ground looking for the technology that can best help education sector teams for the next 12 months. While we’re always keen to explore new call management and collaboration services, this year we’re taking a particular look at security.

Over the past years there have been frequent news stories about how outdated public sector IT and communication services are. This culminated in some high-profile cyber-security incidents where hackers exploited older systems and stole vast amounts of private information. These security flaws are generally easy to fix and prevent entirely with the right technology. Nor does this tech doesn’t have to break the bank. That’s what our blog is all about today.

We’ll discuss some of the features available to you now that can work alongside your existing technology to keep staff and students safe.


Storing data, the correct way


Every school needs to have student data stored on file. It’s essential that medical records, emergency contact details or specific learning plans are stored in a way that’s easy to find when needed but is also secure. We know that many education teams use SIMS or Arbor Education to store student data, and these services offer integrations that can help to enhance safety and efficiency.

Our communication services flawlessly work alongside these services. Meaning your staff only need to consult a single app when looking for student contact details and to make a call. This data is all stored securely within our cloud data centre. This is a site backed up by the latest security infrastructure and resilient to any local outages. This means your most important data is always accessible to you, but unavailable to outside parties.


Protect your staff and guarantee liability with call recording


Nearly all businesses record calls for training and liability purposes, but this service is still underused in the education sector. It can provide a huge range of uses though and is a great way to protect your team.

Call recording can be built into your communication service and triggered automatically upon the initiation of a call. It will then record the call and store it within a cloud database, these calls can then be automatically or manually stored and sorted. Every recorded call is compliant with the latest GDPR regulations.

This is not only a great way to train new staff, but also keeps staff and students safe. If there is a dispute or disturbance, you can protect staff by referring to the recorded call. Similarly, if there is a need to report to the emergency services, a recorded call can be invaluable.

Included in this service is also a real-time monitoring service, so administrators can unobtrusively listen to calls as they occur.


Improve the quality and efficiency of your communications


Internal communications within an education environment need to be quick and effective. We aim to prioritise student and staff safety with our range of communication services which are tailored to be simple to access and as easy to use as possible.

As well as intuitive handsets, that can be placed strategically around your site to maximise availability. We can implement a unified communications solution that allows you to bring your remote staff back into the loop. This service includes instant messaging. Allowing your staff to quickly report to one another in a more professional way than using consumer-grade applications.

We also offer a call routing service designed to connect every member of staff, even those working on the go.  Your staff can assign a preferred device for calls to be directed to if they are away from their desk. This includes mobile phones, so no matter where your staff are working, they are always accessible in an emergency.


Supporting education into the future


We recognise the needs of the education sector are frequently changing. The rapid switch to remote learning last year was a great example of how quickly teams need to be able to react, while still staying secure. Our communication services are designed to support your needs in any environment.

One of the ways we do this is by integrating alongside the education communication network JANET. This ensures that our services will always stay working to a high standard. It also saves you time as there’s no need to install a new internet connection alongside your communications.

Another way we help schools prepare is by abreast of any new advancements in the industry. One service that we believe could be revolutionary for the education sector is WebRTC. This service allows students to join a video conference securely simply by clicking on a link and opening the call in their internet browser. This means no technical difficulties or specialist software required. This service has hit the market in 2021 and we believe it could revolutionise remote learning over the next few years.


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