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Connectivity Considerations for Hybrid Working

Working on the go is now just business as usual. Whether it’s adopting a full hybrid working plan or creating a disaster recovery policy in case you need to work from home unexpectedly, it’s important to have some kind of preparation in place. This does raise some questions for your team though. A hybrid working plan means guaranteeing that every member of your team can get online and get communicating at their best, even when working from home.

To make this possible you need a connectivity solution that can support you in any situation. From maintaining a great call quality, to facilitating additional services such as video conferencing and security features. Todays’ blog is all about discussing the options available to you, and how they can help your business to remain operational in a variety of scenarios.

Connect your office to your remote staff

If a high portion of your colleagues or even your customers are working from home, or a hybrid combination of remote and office work, then video conferencing will likely become your go-to form of communication. This service is the best option for maintaining the face-to-face connection that great customer service and collaboration requires, but it’s very bandwidth intensive.

Your office needs a connection that can support multiple video conferences happening at once. If you aren’t sure that yours can then there are many options available. Our FTTP connectivity service is fantastic at guaranteeing a stable fibre connection throughout a small to medium sized business. It provides the necessary upload and download speeds for effective video calls.

You may also need to guarantee that your essential online services always stay up and running. This includes your websites, VPNs, security software, or any specialist connected services you use. If this is the case, and you also want to keep video conferencing at your best, then it might be time to check out a leased line.

What are leased lines?

A leased line connection is an incredibly powerful connectivity solution now available for businesses. It gives your team their own private connection that doesn’t contend with any others in your area, keeping your services running even if you’re based in a busy area. Similarly, it synchronises your download and upload speeds. This means you can share video content with your colleagues while receiving the best audio and video quality from them, at the same time your colleagues can go about the rest of their work completely uninterrupted.

A leased line is a great way to future-proof your connectivity. Because it’s a private connection leased to only your business, you can quickly scale your speeds up and down as you need to. This means as your team grows then you can quickly cater to their connectivity needs, and teams in sectors with fluctuating staff numbers such as events, can scale down during quieter months. Being a private connection also means you get access to our dedicated support service, where we aim to solve the majority of enquiries within 24 hours.

WiFi Access for your staff and customers

Your staff need to be able to stay online no matter where they’re working or the device that they’re using. Our private WiFi service comes equipped with access points that make this possible. Whether you’re in a small office, a larger building, or even in premises that have both indoor and outdoor spaces, we can provide access points that connect every location. By strategically placing these access points we can create a mesh network, this ensures that there are no dark spots of lost connectivity in your business.

When customers visit your business, they expect to be able to get online quickly, a fast WiFi connection is one of the most valued additional services that you can provide. We can provide high-speed WiFi that is fully compliant with the Digital Economy Act of 2010. This means we include custom landing pages for when your customers sign into your network, staying within regulations and providing a bespoke experience. Our end-to-end public WiFi service is powered by reliable ADSL connections, and we help to manage your network every step of the way.

Secure Connections

Especially when your staff are working remotely, your communications must be secure. You need to have appropriate security measures in place behind to support your business connectivity services and we can help here too. We can include Network Firewalls behind your router and your data switches as part of our installation process.

As opposed to doing this in-house, or leaving it to a separate IT management service, going through this process with us here at RHM allows you to consolidate costs and streamline your connectivity process. Meaning there’s no downtime for when your connections are being upgraded and you can always access it without any worries about security.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our connectivity solutions here at RHM, get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you find a solution that suits your needs. You can reach us at 0800 041 041.

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