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Cam & Uley Case Study

Cam and Uley Medical Practice provide medical support to over 10,000 patients across their two sites in South Gloucestershire.

The Challenge:

Being in the healthcare sector, as well as being a multi-site organisation presented some unique challenges for the medical practice. The site had to prioritise the patient experience, which meant ensuring a high-quality and efficient process and one that also allowed them to rely on the resources of both sites. Previously, it was difficult for the practice to keep both of their locations properly connected.

There was also a need to reduce call costs, as well as to implement a proper disaster recovery plan. This second point has become especially crucial for healthcare teams over the past two years. The need to work from home if required has to be addressed, and with the right solution quick and convenient for GPs to host consultations remotely through a video conferencing service.

All of these points of concern were addressed when Cam and Uley turned to RHM Telecom for help with their communications.

The Solution:

Cam and Uley requested a consultation with RHM about the communication options available to them. Based on the requirements mentioned above, RHM recommended the Horizon cloud communication service from Gamma. This covered a range of the Gloucestershire based medical practice’s most crucial needs.

The Horizon platform enabled both sites to essentially act as one. The platform comes with a range of collaborative features included, such as presence, that displays which members of your team are online at any one time, allowing staff to make more efficient decision making when getting touch with colleagues.

Horizon also includes call distribution features, which are ideal for the healthcare industry. this service recognises when members of your team in one site are overwhelmed by a high volume of calls, and routes any more to the other practice. Patients will not know the difference and can still be provided with a great call experience.

CRM Integration means that patient details recorded on TPP, SystemOne and EMIS Web can be accessed quickly through Horizon. This allows staff on either of Cam and Uley’s sites to quickly understand each patient’s requirements when they call, and can also view notes made by other members of the team at a glance, remotely or on site.

Additional Services:

The new communication service allowed Cam and Uley’s team to work with greater efficiency and productivity. The system also came with a variety of other benefits.

The first of these was to address their need for a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Horizon can be accessed from any device, from laptops and Macs, to tablets and mobiles. This accessibility means that staff can access their communications from home or any other location with an internet connection. It also comes equipped with a comprehensive management package, that includes call statistics and analytics that allows for resources to be better allocated as required moving forward.

Finally, Horizon helped Cam and Uley to keep costs down. As calls on Horizon are handled on the internet rather than through fixed phone lines, calls are far cheaper, and the team also saved money and valuable time that was often spent maintaining their aging existing system.

The team even left some great feedback for us here at RHM:

Practice Manager at Cam and Uley Medical Centre, Ian Cawthorne said: “RHM Telecommunications took the time to listen to our needs as an organisation before offering a solution. They helped us to understand the technology available that would really make a difference to the way that we handled our calls. All in all it’s been a very good experience using RHM and I would recommend them as an excellent choice for any Medical Centre looking to improve their telecommunications.”

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