Warners Case Study

Warners Motor Group Case Study

Warners Motor Group is one of the largest privately owned franchised motor dealers in Gloucestershire. Warners represent three globally known car brands – Peugeot, Citroen & Isuzu. They are based out of newly refurbished sites in Gloucester & Tewkesbury.


The Challenge:


Warners recently decided to close their previous Citroen site in Cheltenham and relocate the operation to Tewkesbury. This involved moving their entire workforce to the new site, and so business continuity was a huge concern.

As well as the usual logistical challenges, Warners needed to make sure that existing telephone numbers would be retained in the new location. It was vital that customer calls were still being routed to the right members of staff and departments. Calls also needed to be routed correctly between each site.

The team at Warners were also looking for a system that could allow them to make improvements to their operation moving forwards. Before speaking to RHM, they had no access to call data. This meant that they had no way to measure call performance, peak times or track any missed calls. It was paramount to implement a system that prioritised better analysis.


The Solution:


Warners contacted us for assistance during their move and we were happy to help. To make the process of moving across their communications simple, we recommended that Warners switch to an Ericsson-LG Cloud hosted phone system. This allowed them to make the move to their Tewkesbury site in a more efficient and cost-effective way, as well as providing many useful new features.

The cloud system allowed for effective call routing across all sites. This ensured that customers got in touch with the right staff at the right location, shortening waiting times and reducing the volume of calls front desk staff had to face. Business continuity was also guaranteed, with the Cloud system being accessible from any location with an internet connection. Staff could work flexibly around the office on-the-go using portable DECT handsets.

We also addressed the need for better call management and analytics. The Cloud platform included comprehensive reports and statistics on every in and outbound call. This meant that any missed calls can be followed up quickly, and meaningful improvements could be made to the service moving forwards.

Other services such as Automatic Call Distribution and call recording were also implemented, giving the team at Warners the perfect platform to grow their operation in future. Replacing their obsolete previous service also allowed for substantial savings on calls and maintenance costs.


The Feedback:


Warners Director, Mark Jones had this to say about RHM and their new solution:

“RHM Telecommunications has been great, our challenges started to reduce once the new LG Cloud telephone system went live, enabling all our Cheltenham calls to be routed to the correct site at no cost to us. The fact that we could utilise our secure internet connection for voice traffic, meant cost savings on landlines and calls.

We have an excellent, cloud-based phone system in place which has given us flexibility using IP DECT, allowing our sales team to roam the site with customers.

We now have access to statistics, which helps us to monitor our growing business using key information made available to us. I can wholeheartedly recommend RHM Telecommunications to any business looking to improve overall communications. The staff are very friendly, helpful and our queries and issues are resolved very quickly.”


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